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The Gallozzi Group is composed of 8 businesses which, with their various specialisations, cover the various key functions of the shipping industry.

The different businesses which make up the group have the shared objective of developing solutions for, and offering global support to, clients in every sector of the shipping economy.

The headquarters of the group is in Salerno in Southern Italy, and it is from here that the various overseas commercial offices and logistics hubs are coordinated.

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We are born from the sea and through the sea we enhance the industrial and tourism development of the territory


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The Gallozzi Group facilitates commercial contacts with overseas partners from within and without the European Union, intervening at every stage of the supply chain on an international scale. The business undergoes continuous improvement, matching the needs of an exacting international client base to which it offers excellent levels of service.
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Target Efficiency

The adoption of lean and efficient internal business organisational models allows us to create the right mix of skills and professionalism for all services provided; ensuring that every job commissioned is completed in line with previously agreed upon conditions.

Every part of the network uses modern technology to simplify mechanisms and processes and to favour the practical and automatized management of data. Logistics activities undergo continuous monitoring from control rooms and via portable devices which provide information and detect discrepancies in real time.

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